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Our clients count on us to support their missions. Arbor is constantly recruiting and developing people with the appropriate certifications and specialized training meet their highly skilled roles. We understand that many of our customers have unique requirements and our Staffing Coordinators work hard to provide staff that meets their specific needs. Whether you’re trying to fill a planned, long-term assignment or a last-minute, short-term assignment, we respond quickly with qualified people who are motivated to make a difference on every shift they fill.

Reliable, long-term scheduling
Long-term vacancies, leaves of absence and difficult-to-fill positions can make scheduling a chore at all levels. Finding the right person to meet your needs over an extended period takes a lot of time and effort – time you could devote to other activities. We’ve supplied staff for problematic vacancies with some of our clients for more than 30 years.

Fast response to short-term or last minute requests
You can’t plan for every staffing need that arises. Whether a regular employee calls out on short notice, a sudden issue around employment eligibility arises, or you need to work around a troublesome holiday schedule, we make every effort to fill your vacant shift. We’re your partner – whether you call us during normal office hours from 8am to 5pm or use our urgent on-call service, 365 days-a-year, and we’ll start looking for coverage on the spot.

Early Education

Arbor has EEC certified teachers, assistant teachers, and director-certified professionals. We ensure they’re all compliant with state regulatory requirements. Arbor constantly recruits and trains people to care for infants and children. So if your needs change, we can meet them.

Special Education

Arbor has a proven track record of providing talented staff to education services for children with developmental, physical or emotional challenges. We work to find reliable staff to help you reach your desired goals and supply a quality experience for your students. Our staff services a variety of populations and ages. We can help you whether you’re a traditional mainstream school or offer specialized services.

Residential Services

Arbor can provide the trained staff who support safety and clinical objectives, and who create positive outcomes. We understand that you need people who share your passion for working with various populations that face unique challenges. Arbor hires employees only after a full evaluation, so we make sure they match your mission.

Vocational Services and Day-Hab

When your mission is to assist your clients with day-hab, vocational or employment services, you need reliable staff to aid you. Arbor employees typically work alongside full-time program staff to support participants. They work hard to keep the day’s activities productive and safe. We’re also able to provide wrap-around services that support these clients in at-home and off-site settings.

One-to-One Specialing

What do you do in a crisis or clinical recommendation? You’re faced with two choices. Assign one of your employees to attend to this one-to-one requirement and find immediate backfill – or avoid disrupting your regular staff and hire another dedicated employee who can provide specialized support to the at-risk client. Arbor will work with you both ways.

Case Management/Clinical

Higher-level positions require more advanced education, certification, experience, and credentials. Filling these can strain your resources. But Arbor relieves that burden. We’ll work with you as your recruiter. Together, we can identify, interview and recommend the right person for the job.


You need administrative and clerical staff to help your program run smoothly and achieve its goals. You also want people who understand your specific situation. People who fit right in. People who have the necessary certifications, experience, credentials and background. That’s why Arbor’s here – to be your staffing partner.


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