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Arbor was founded in 1982 by Gailanne Reeh, a former deputy commissioner in the MA executive office of health and human services. Gailanne not only had a strong working knowledge of the legal and compliance issues facing our industry but was also a tireless advocate for both clients and their caregivers. This combination of extensive knowledge and compassion provided strong roots for the company that still shares those values today. Arbor is thriving here in New England and is focused on making caregiving a rewarding lifestyle. As we grow, we’re implementing new training and development programs, affinity programs, sustainability programs, and much more. Our mission is that you – our team of caregivers and our valued customers – can serve clients compassionately knowing that we’re making a positive social and economic impact on the communities we serve and live in. We’re proud to work with you and we look forward to many more years of service – now 35 and counting!

  • Arbor is recognized, and routinely audited, by many regulatory agencies.

  • Arbor maintains compliance with laws like the ACA (Affordable Care Act), Massachusetts Sick Time, Temporary Worker Right to Know, and National State and Federal Background Checks, among others.

  • At Arbor, we are sticklers for quality assurance. We partner with our customers around workplace safety, incident reporting, performance management, and more; minimizing risk for all.

  • Arbor provides our employees with various training and development opportunities to make them better caregivers; increasing their capabilities, their value, and their earning potential.



We have a singular focus on high quality and minimum risk for our clients, our employees, and most importantly, the people they serve.

All of our staff are employees of Arbor, rather than independent contractors.

Clients: This not only removes payroll and tax burdens, but it also eliminates potential risks and costs that can arise from worker misclassification suits.

Applicants: This allows for benefits, simplifies taxes, and eliminates self-employment tax.

Thirty-five years of experience means we know the industry very well. We understand both the applicant’s need and the client’s needs.

Clients: Our experience allows us to find and deliver qualified and experienced staff who can seamlessly enter your unique workforce

Applicants: We match every employee with fulfilling and flexible positions that best fit their needs and schedule


We’ve been working with Arbor Associates for the last several years. Arbor has saved us many times when we’ve found ourselves short-staffed. Their employees are qualified, enthusiastic, and helpful. Arbor staff are willing to learn how to work with the specifics of our environment; we are very pleased with Arbor’s services and look forward to many more years of reliable service.

Justice Resource Institute , Justice Resource Institute

I have worked at Arbor for over 20 years–first started right out of college as a Residential Counselor to gain access to working with many different populations and programs. Eventually, I moved into an office administration position, but I am grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference every day! Arbor Employees are simply THE BEST at having the ability to put their heart into their work. If you are interested in working with Arbor, I encourage anyone with the heart, interest and ability to apply.

Lauren Berger Riordan

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So why us?

Arbor has been a leader in connecting caregivers with leading organizations in Human Service, Allied Health and Education fields since 1982, maintaining very high rates of client retention and employee satisfaction.

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